[gridengine users] SoGE 8.1.0: requested 2 configurations, got 3

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Oct 10 15:57:29 UTC 2012

"Wagner, Justin" <jwagner at ciena.com> writes:

> After removing the JSV option from sge_request the same message displays.
> After removing the queue option from sge_request the same message displays.
> When we upgraded to 8.1.0 from 6.2u4 we actually changed hosts running
> as qmaster and moved the installation directory (which is network
> mounted and all hosts see it), so it wasn't necessarily an "upgrade"
> per se, we just modified which installation directory variable were
> sourced on a per host basis when we switched them from the old grid
> (6.2u4) to the new one (8.1.0) which caused them to launch to the new
> qmaster.  So I don't think you would consider that a "live upgrade".

I'm not sure I understand, but I assume that means generating a new
spool, i.e. not copying the old files.

I think the message implies that the client is asking qmaster for
configuration data at global and host level (two sources) and is getting
an extra one from somewhere.  I don't know how it might happen, but I
wonder if it could be due to a duplicated host name somehow.

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