[gridengine users] i would like to have some advice about building a server with sge

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Oct 22 09:36:23 UTC 2012


Am 22.10.2012 um 09:32 schrieb jan roels:

> I have a server ( Intel Xeon X3210 - 4gb memory ) which controlled serveral other servers to combine their power for compute purposes. 

with only 4 cores and 4 GB I wouldn't set up VMs for each service. It's better to share the available memory and cores between the services. But this might be personal taste.

> Therefor the server had some xen vm's:
> boot0: dhcp and nfs server so the other servers would get there bootimage through pxe boot.
> login0: so the users didn't have to login through the same port as the admin and were able to login through ldap from another server.
> sge0: this had the Sun Grid Engine and a module environment to make the servers work together and gave the users the opportunity to load the libraries they need.
> Now i'm reinstalling this server cause it was a 32bit debian lenny and i have a new server that needs 64bits.

So the "( Intel Xeon X3210 - 4gb memory )" will be replaced?

> Do you guys think i should do it the same way with the xen machines or is it a waste of time.

In principle a 32-bit Linux SGE qmaster can control any other OS execd's, besides 64-bit Linux also AIX or PPC Linux and otheres. It was designed to handle a cluster of different platforms.

Your server has only 4 GB and hence each VM gets granted even less I assume. How many execution hosts you have? I would ssume more a bottleneck with the NFS for the /home.

-- Reuti

> It should be possible without the different vm's right? I'll use the Son of Grid Engine software instead of the old Sun Grid Engine.
> Kinds Regards,
> Jan
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