[gridengine users] preventing mix between 2 hosts group

William Hay w.hay at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Oct 29 13:27:17 UTC 2012

On 29 October 2012 12:24, Oren Mustaki <mustaki at phys.huji.ac.il> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> i have 2 groups of 36 nodes each. each group is connected via Infiniband
> switch.
> the 2 Infiniband switches are not connected.
> the groups are:
> par.q@@group1 , par.q@@group2
> the -q line:
> #$ -q par.q@@group1,par.q@@group2
> once in a while a job is trying to run on nodes from both groups which
> result in failure.
> is there a way to allow running on par.q@@group1 or par.q@@group2 but never
> on both ?
Use PEs rather than queues for this.  Create one PE for each group of
hosts and use a wildcard to specify the PE you require.
eg if you have PEs mpi-1 and mpi-2

qsub -pe mpi* 12 will run in one PE or the other but not both.

The par.q queue could have
pe_list mpi-1,[@group2=mpi-2]


> thanks in advance

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