[gridengine users] qlogin with ssh

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Dec 2 17:43:19 UTC 2013


Am 02.12.2013 um 18:28 schrieb Wiegers, Bert:

> we are running the SGE 8.1.6.
> We have configured some interactive queues and use qlogin with the 
> wrapper-script  (... /usr/bin/ssh -Y -p $PORT $HOST).
> In our setup the user is forced to use the  h_rt variable.
> Unfortunatly qlogin does not care if the walltime is overdue. 
> The shepherd seems to be unable to kill the qlogin sessions, when the 
> user is still connected to the node.
> Has anyone a solution or a workaround for this?

Is the `sshd` a child of the `shephered`, i.e. something like:

$ ps -e f
 6656 ?        Sl    56:23 /usr/sge/bin/lx24-x86/sge_execd
 9391 ?        S      0:00  \_ sge_shepherd-10502 -bg
 9392 ?        Ss     0:00      \_ sshd: reuti [priv]
 9398 ?        S      0:00          \_ sshd: reuti at pts/2
 9405 pts/2    Ss     0:00              \_ -bash

How does the process tree look like after "h_rt" expired - did the job vanish from the `qstat` too? 

-- Reuti

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