[gridengine users] Re : Queue sharing nodes

Farid Chabane farid.chabane at ymail.com
Mon Jul 1 08:30:28 UTC 2013

You can use RQS (quotas). 
# qconf -arqs limit_proc
   name         limit_proc
   description  Use available processors on a host
   enabled      TRUE
   limit        hosts {*} to slots=$num_proc

En date de : Lun 1.7.13, HUMMEL Michel <michel.hummel at thalesgroup.com> a écrit :

 Objet: [gridengine users] Queue sharing nodes
 À: "users at gridengine.org" <users at gridengine.org>
 Date: Lundi 1 juillet 2013, 7h31
 In my OGS conf, I have 2 queues (A.q, B.q) sharing the same
 execution node.
 This execution node has 2 CPU but OGS allows 4 jobs to be
 executed at the same time (2 for A.q and 2 for B.q).
 How can I tell to OGS to limit the number of simultaneous
 job on a execution node to be equal to the number of its CPU
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