[gridengine users] Usernames in Grid Engine

Vic gridengine at beer.org.uk
Tue Jul 30 15:44:10 UTC 2013

Hi All.

I've got a nasty little problem with my GE installation.

We're using sssd to authenticate against an Active Directory server - I
can't change that, it's someone else's responsibility, and my attempt to
change things have met with no success whatsoever.

We also have two domains to authenticate against - users will be in one or
the other (not both). So far so good.

Unfortunately, to tell users apart, we have to have the
use_fully_qualified_names flag set to True for the second domain. This
mostly works, but tools like whoami return user at domain for those users.

This bites us when it comes to submitting jobs - qsub/qrsh calls get
rejected with "Unable to run job: At ('@') not allowed in objectname.".
It's clear I'm going to have to patch the code to filter this out - but
I've no idea where to start.

Can someone point me at the code in question, please?



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