[gridengine users] Formula to calculate job's priority

Sangamesh Banappa sangamesh.banappa at locuz.com
Wed May 1 14:51:17 UTC 2013


The cluster is configured with share based policy (user based) with equal shares (100 shares) for all. 

As per the below link: 


The job's priority is calculated as follows: 

prio    = weight_priority * npprio +
                    weight_urgency  * nurg +
                    weight_ticket   * ntckts 
Let's take an example, a parallel job of 20 cores to analyze this. There are no other requests like #$ -l in the script.. 

The value of npprio would be zero. Because there is no #$ -p <posix priority value> mentioned in job script & admin also does not set priority for a job manually. 


nurg = normalized urgency 

urg = rrcontr + wtcontr + dlcontr 

There is no user configured under deadline users group. So dlcontr should be zero. ?? 

rrcontr = sum of all (hrr) 

hrr = rurg * assumed_slot_allocation * request 

rurg -> taken from qconf -sc | grep slots. 1000 is the value under urgency column. 

assumed_slot_allocation = 20 (taken from #$ -pe orte 20) 

request = NONE, hence it is 0 (There is no other resource request #$ -l ) 

Next is "wtcontr". How to get the value for waiting_time contribution? Is it calculated on this job only or is it a sum of waiting_time of all previous jobs by the same user? 

I'm stuck here. Please guide me to do further calculation. 

Thanks in advance 
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