[gridengine users] some jobs need a pty

Mechanic, Daniel dm2474 at columbia.edu
Mon Nov 11 21:24:30 UTC 2013

Hey Everybody;

We submit our jobs using qrsh.

I have just installed the Julia programming language and I would like to allow users to use this interactively.  

Taking SGE out of the picture (I am running 6.2u5):

Ssh -X computenode Julia 
	- this will not display Julia...  The interpreter will run, but you cannot see it.
Ssh -X -t computenode Julia
               - this WILL display Julia properly.

However, the situation is the opposite for launching 'xstata'/

Ssh -X computenode xstata 
	- this will work 
Ssh -X -t computenode xstata
              - this will fail.

Currently, I have rsh_command set to:
rsh_command               /usr/bin/ssh -X

If I change this to "/usr/sbin/ssh -X -t", Julia will work via qrsh, but xstata won't... and vice-versa.

"qrsh -pty y" appears to have no effect.

I know I can override 'rsh_command' on a particular execute host.  This is my current workaround, to make all Julia jobs go to a node with rsh_command set with a '-t'.  

Is this the only way?

Thank You!!


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