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John Kloss john.kloss at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 15:44:05 UTC 2013

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 4:30 AM, William Hay <w.hay at ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
> That might be excessively paranoid.  IANAL but I don't think owning
> copyrights entitles one to revoke licenses already granted by your
> predecessors in title.  If that were possible don't you think Oracle
> would have used that to shut Univa down?  Oracle fit the model of
> big,evil corporation much better than Univa.

I see Oracles relation to Grid Engine as an elephant is to a mouse
(which, despite what comics and cartoons may lead you to believe, are
not natural enemies).  An elephant can destroy a mouse, but in general
it doesn't care a wit about the rodents well being, and mostly ignores
it.  I think that analogy reflects reality up to this point.

Univa is not an elephant.  It could be seen as more feline in nature
... or it could be seen as the mouses mother (yes, the analogy breaks
down here).  Univa started off acting more like the later when it
distributed Grid Engine as open core-- and then it stopped.

Not releasing source code is common when the code was never open in
the first place (no one ever expects Microsoft to release unencumbered
product code to the public, or even its friends ... if it has any).
But, Grid Engine under Sun was open source, and developed an open
source community.  There was at least the hope, if not the expectation
that the next steward would continue that community.  That's not what
Univa did, though.

> The announcement Univa has made public today will allow us to do that
> directly for Oracle Grid Engine customers. Most noteworthy it will also
> remove confusion around Grid Engine as the transition has re-united the
> full intellectual property including trademarks and all copyright which my
> team has built over so many years. This encompasses code under the
> SISSL, the proprietary Oracle code and other assets like documentation,
> the certification and test suite, diagnostics tools and similar.

I understand how trademark and copyright works (though my initial
email might indicate otherwise).  But what does the above mean?  If I
were to document the event model used between the qmaster and the
execd processes and request that Dave Love post that to the Son of
Grid Engine site, am I in violation of trademark, patent, or copyright
(I don't think the SISSL covers documentation or educational
material)?  Am I allowed to say such work covers Grid Engine
operations? For that matter, what about the _current_ documentation,
mailing list archives, and howtos, that Dave Love posts on the SoGE
site?  Can he even call his fork of the Grid Engine source code "Son
of Grid Engine"?  Doesn't that name cause "confusion around Grid

If Univa goes open core again, develops a community edition and a
developer community in general, allows and encourages patches and
additions to the Grid Engine core, welcomes documentation in formal
and/or wiki format, and acts like a steward to the Grid Engine code
base and community then, yes, Univa taking full control of the Grid
Engine trademark, copyright, assets, documentation, certification,
test suites, diagnostics tools, and similar is a fantastic change.
Really, it's great!  We all could unite around the Univa Grid Engine
moniker (though, obviously, I can only speak for myself).

Otherwise, I'd prefer the elephant.  It never seemed to notice us.


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