[gridengine users] Welcome Home Grid Engine!

ChrisDag dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Oct 23 22:38:45 UTC 2013

Just my $.02 ...

Joseph Farran wrote:
> If a company wants to start from scratch with a product fine, but to
> take a product contributed
> by the community for free and then repackage it with bug fixes and added
> features, that's not
> good.

Accidental or intentional that statement trivializes significant efforts
of lots of people, many of whom were with Grid Engine pre-Sun
Microsystems back when it was called CODINE. The open source community
improved and enhanced the product, these people built the damn thing.

Missing from the above characterization is "...hiring almost the entire
grid engine development team (and now all of the support engineers) and
continuing to ensure that there is a stable of active people being paid
to work on it full time ..." Have you looked deep into the codebase? The
learning curve is pretty extreme which can be a major obstacle to long
term success of an OSS effort.

The open source forks are doing well - I was worried that they'd be
'bugfix only' but there is real enhancement work happening. The major
risk in my mind is that I suspect the number of serious active
committers is very small.

I see/deploy numerous Grid Engine systems every year for various people
and entities. I'd say that maybe 80% of them use OGS or SoGE but the
remaining 20% use the commercial flavor and are quite happy. Univa's
roadshows and roadmaps have been impressive enough that I suspect they
will continue to do well with GE.

I'm personally very glad that both options exist and hope this situation

Sorry for being long winded. My TL/DR summary:

 - I'm glad both options exist
 - I'm glad all of the various forks are doing well
 - I'm not willing to assume Evil on behalf of Univa. I respect both the
 management and the engineers and the worst they've ever done to me was
annoy me a few years back when some of their marketing and PR got a
little over aggressive


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