[gridengine users] Grid engine does not send no job-mails

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Oct 24 10:17:43 UTC 2013


Am 24.10.2013 um 11:56 schrieb Denis Wollenhaupt:

> I´m using GE2011.11 and wondering how to setup/troubleshhot job mails.
> The sluster is configured with (standard) /bin/mail and the mail system is working well.
> If i submit a job with:
> #$ -m bea
> #$ -M dwollen at xxxx.de
> the job is processed normally, but no mail is beeing sent.
> Do you have any idea what´s wrong here?

Is this a new installation?

Worth to be noted is, that the eMail is send by the node where the job ran. If this is inside a cluster, it's necessary to have some kind of forwarding for the eMail and also often to substitute the name of the sending machine by the name of the submission machine as node001.foo.example might be rejected by the receiving MTA as it can't check its DNS entry.

Is it possible to send an email from the command line on the exechost?

NB: By default is the mail is delivered locally, which could be forwarded to the submission host (this would be a convenient setup anyway, even for those users who want to get the email only local thereon). If then a file ~/.forward exists, you can save the entry of -M during submission as it will be forwarded.

-- Reuti

> Thank you!
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