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William Hay w.hay at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Sep 12 12:48:20 UTC 2013

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On 12/09/13 12:56, striewski wrote:
> dear grid engine users,
> we work with reservation and give the all jobs a runtime limit
> (h_rt) and we use classic spooling
> with -m bea i get information when a job starts, ends or aborts.
> my boss has the idea, that he wants to get the information, when
> his job will be finished as soon as he has submitted the job with
> qsub. is this possible ?
You could use qrsub to submit advance reservations rather than jobs
then submit the job into the AR.

Without an AR you would need to ensure that no later submitted job
could queue jump it.  This would mean making wait time the sole
contributor to priority and configuring sufficient reservations so all
jobs in the queue can have one.  You'd still have issues with nodes or
queues going wrong and jobs finishing early though.

The AR is probably the better answer.

> my second problem, i have to find out the progress of reserving.
> may be a job requests 4 slots, i have to find out the time when it
> starts reserving, when it has got 2 slots, when it has got the 3rd
> slot and so on.
This appears to embody a slight misconception about reservations.  The
reservations are for all the slots requested at some point in the
future.  The slots may be used by other jobs up until that point in
the future as backfill.  There is no point at which the reservation
has only some of the requested resources.

Potentially you could write a script to examine running jobs and work
out when a given number of slots would be free if no new jobs started.
 This might give you the information you want.

You could also monitor the schedule file and see when a RESERVING
entry appears for the job in question (ie when it appeared not the
time stamp it contained).  This would be the time it started reserving.

> in the accounting, reporting and schedule files i didn't find the 
> information. are there other files, where i can find informations
> like this  ?
> thanks a lot
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen / kind regards

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