[gridengine users] SGE 6.2u5 execd on Ubuntu14.04 reports bare hostname

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Aug 26 23:06:03 UTC 2014


Am 27.08.2014 um 00:53 schrieb Peter van Heusden:

> I'm currently installing a worker node on our cluster and using Ubuntu
> 14.04 as the operating system of the worker node. I've installed the
> gridengine-exec package, which is version 6.2u5-7.3. When I add the exec
> node, however, the qmaster complains that:
> got load report from host "ehost.mydomain.org" - reports load value for
> host "ehost"
> The host itself is configured with the hostname ehost.mydomain.org, and
> it has the same FQDN in the host entry in qconf. The bootstrap file states:
> default_domain          none
> ignore_fqdn             false
> If I watch the traffic on port 6444, the new exec indeed reports as
> ehost, not ehost.mydomain.org. If I look at the same traffic on one of
> our older (Ubuntu 12.04) hosts, they report as their FQDN. As a result
> of this (I think) qhost shows no info from the new execution hosts and
> jobs cannot run on that host.
> Does anyone know how to make this new host report as its FQDN?

How is the name resolved - /etc/hosts or DNS? Has it more than one network interface?

There are tools in "$SGE_ROOT/utilbin" to investigate this like `gethostbyaddr`...

-- Reuti

> Thanks!
> Peter
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