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The pithy ruminations from "MacMullan, Hugh" on 
<Re: [gridengine users] Core Binding and Node Load> were:
=> This is a hassle for us too.
=> In general, what we do is:
=> 1. Set binding by default in launcher scripts to '-binding linear:1', to force users to use single threads

Same here.

=> 2. allow them to override by unaliasing qsub, qrsh, and setting manually to use openmp pe

Same here.

=> 3. for MATLAB this doesn't work because it doesn't honor any env vars or whatever, it just greedily looks at the number of threads available and launches that many processes. HOWEVER, you can force it to only use one thread (even though it launches many!) with '-SingleCompThread' in $MATLABROOT/bin/worker and $MATLABROOT/bin/matlab:

However, that has no affect on multithreaded MEX functions.

We use 'mcc' to produce compiled binaries of Matlab executables, and
the option -SingleCompThread is also not passed on when the executable
is created.

=> # diff worker.dist worker
=> 20c20
=> < exec "${bindir}/matlab" -dmlworker -nodisplay -r distcomp_evaluate_filetask $*
=> ---
=> > exec "${bindir}/matlab" -dmlworker -logfile /dev/null -singleCompThread -nodisplay -r distcomp_evaluate_filetask $*
=> # diff matlab.dist matlab
=> 164c164
=> <         arglist=
=> ---
=> >         arglist=-singleCompThread
=> 490c490
=> <     arglist=""
=> ---
=> >     arglist="-singleCompThread"
=> Then users who want more than one thread in MATLAB MUST use a
=> parallel MPI environment with matlabpool, which requires further
=> OGS/SGE/SOG integration and licensing, which is described in
=> toolbox/distcomp/examples/integration/sge, but I can get you our setup
=> if you're interested and have the Dist_Comp_Engine toolbox available
=> (don't need to install the engine, just have the license).

Hmmm....I wonder if there's any way to have a JSV deal with this for
environments where Dist_Comp_Engine is not available. Here's a snippet from
our current (working) JSV that sets binding based on the user-requested number
of threads (defaulting to linear:1), with some pseudo-code to abuse the PATH
variable so that a matlab wrapper that includes -singleCompThread will be
called for jobs w/o binding.

 if (! exists $params{binding_strategy})
                # No binding strategy requested; select one depending on
		# whether the job is
                # MPI, single/multi-threaded
                # No PE:
                if (!(exists $params{pe_name}))
                        # -------------------------------------------
                        # in case no parallel environment was chosen
                        # add a default request of one processor core
                        # -------------------------------------------

                        # set the binding strategy to linear (without given start point: linear)

			# Pseudo-code, untested:
                        ## jsv_log_info ('Single-threaded job, core binding strategy "linear_automatic" added');
                        # A parallel environment ("threaded" or "openmpi") was requested
                        # jsv_log_info ("Parallel environment $params{pe_name} requested");

                        if ($params{pe_name} eq 'threaded')
				# Pseudo code
=> Make sense? Yukk!
=> For other software, you need to try to find equivalent ways to set

These might help: 

	"OMP_NUM_THREADS" environment variable, used by OpenMP
	"ITK_GLOBAL_DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_THREADS" environment variable, used by ITK
	"MKL_NUM_THREADS" environment variable, used by the many python modules that
		are linked against the Intel Math Kernel Library, particularly NumPy and SciPy.

=> them to use only single threads, and then parallelize with MPI, OR respect
=> an environment variable and use the openmp way with the '-binding XXX:X'
=> set correctly.
=> For CPLEX, set single thread like so:
=> Envar across cluster: ILOG_CPLEX_PARAMETER_FILE=/usr/local/cplex/CPLEX_Studio/cplex.prm
=> And in that file:
=> CPX_PARAM_THREADS                1
=> Bleh! And that's not (or wasn't six months ago) honored by Rcplex, but Hector was working on it I think.
=> I hope some of that is useful. It's been the way that works with the least number of questions from users. It only works for us because we have a site license for Dist Comp Engine, so can have a license server on each host to serve out the threads needed there. Bleh.
=> If others have novel ways to approach this problem, PLEASE let us all know. It's certainly one of the more difficult aspects of user education and cluster use for us.
=> Cheers,
=> -Hugh
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=> Subject: [gridengine users] Core Binding and Node Load
=> Howdy.
=> We are running Son of GE 8.1.6 on CentOS 6.5 with core binding turned on
=> for our 64-core nodes.
=> $ qconf -sconf | grep BINDING
=>                               ENABLE_BINDING=TRUE
=> When I submit an OpenMP job with:
=> #!/bin/bash
=> #$ -N TESTING
=> #$ -q q64
=> #$ -pe openmp 16
=> #$ -binding linear:
=> The job stays locked to 16 cores out of 64-cores which is great and what
=> is expected.
=> Many of our jobs, like MATLAB tries to use as many cores as are
=> available on a node and we cannot control MATLAB core usage.   So
=> binding is great when we need to only allow say 16-cores per job.
=> The issue is that MATLAB has 64 threads locked to 16-cores and thus when
=> you have 4 of these MATLAB jobs running on a 64-core node, the load on
=> the node is through the roof because there are more workers than cores.
=> We have Threshold setup on all of our queues to 110%:
=> $ qconf -sq q64 | grep np
=> suspend_thresholds    np_load_avg=1.1
=> So jobs begin to suspend because the load is over 70 on a node as expected.
=> My question is, does it make sense to turn OFF "np_load_avg"
=> cluster-wide and turn ON core-binding cluster wide?
=> What we want to achieve is that jobs only use as many cores as are
=> requested on a node.    With the above scenario we will see nodes with a
=> HUGE load ( past 64 ) but each job will only be using said cores.
=> Thank you,
=> Joseph
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Mark Bergman

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