[gridengine users] limit the number of jobs users can put on queue (pending)

Roberto Nunnari roberto.nunnari at supsi.ch
Wed Nov 12 13:14:25 UTC 2014

humm.. answering myself..

from the man pages it seams that

maxujobs is for only running jobs per user


max_u_jobs is for both running and pending jobs per user

is that correct?

Thank you and best regards

Il 12.11.2014 13:51, Roberto Nunnari ha scritto:
> Il 12.11.2014 12:19, Reuti ha scritto:
>> Am 12.11.2014 um 11:58 schrieb Roberto Nunnari:
>>> recently I had a user submitting thousands of jobs.
>>> This, caused the scheduler to run for a long time at full CPU usage..
>>> sorting out 9'000 pending jobs and find out which one to schedule
>>> next and where is ways too much for our frontend HW. Also, the
>>> scheduler is configured to run every minute and that made the problem
>>> even worse.
>>> So, the question is:
>>> Is there a way to limit the number of jobs that can be pending in the
>>> queue?
>> Not for pending alone, but for pending + running, i.e. the number of
>> jobs known to SGE by a single user by setting "max_u_jobs" in SGE's
>> configuration (`man sge_conf`).
>> -- Reuti
> Hi Reuti.
> is max_u_jobs something different from maxujobs ?
> I've always had maxujobs set to 64.. and I thought that it was only for
> the maximum quantity of running jobs a user can have at a time.. maybe
> when I met the problem I was experimenting with limiting slots per user
> using RQ and had temporarely disabled maxujobs..
> At present I have:
> # qconf -ssconf | grep -i max
> maxujobs                          64
> max_functional_jobs_to_schedule   200
> max_pending_tasks_per_job         50
> max_reservation                   4
> but no max_u_jobs.. is that an alias?
> Robi
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