[gridengine users] jobs are going to servers which I believe are not in the queue

Dan Hyatt dhyatt at dsgmail.wustl.edu
Fri Sep 5 16:13:38 UTC 2014

Question: I do not seem to be removing server from the queue list 
correctly. What is the best way to do it.
Question 2: shouldn't grid engine remove servers from receiving jobs if 
it cannot talk to the server, such as server down?

I have 3 blades, which should not be accepting jobs
(OK, I am tracking using qmon)...I know go command line like I do for 
everything else.
Why is the queue still sending jobs to the blades which are "down"

But under cluster queue control "HOSTS" tab
loadAvg/CPU/MemUsed/and Swap used  I have dashes which I expect because 
they are not online.
queue instances has
AU  under "states" which I thought indicated "not accepting jobs"

One of the blades was actually removed from the all.q  which is used by 
normal queue to schedule jobs.

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