[gridengine users] GUI or web Interface?

José Román Bilbao jrbcast at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 13:20:42 UTC 2014

Dear community members,

As a prospective grid portal user I am comparing different alternatives. As
far as I know Grid Engine since its early days in Sun, I would like to give
it a try. Nevertheless, one of my main concerns is that my users are not
linux-skilled and would need something graphical. I know of qmon but they
are usually Windows users. Therefore, I would like to hear any suggestions
on gridEngine available web interfaces (if any) or even a totally different
platform if you are famliar with them. Basically I would like my users to
be able to submit/monitor/cancel their jobs as well as (if possible) to
upload input files when needed and download resulting outputs. If no open
source alternative exists, I would also like to hear about commercial
alternatives. So far I have found the Univa Grid Engie, but don't know
where to find information regarding any existing web interface. I have
written them but no response yet.

Thanks in advance,

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