[gridengine users] how create and monitor a new consumable?

Marlies Hankel m.hankel at uq.edu.au
Fri Apr 10 04:05:11 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I am using OGS/Grid Engine 2011.11 as installed under ROCKS 6..1.1.

We have a global storage which hosts all home directories and which also 
has a large space which I would like to use as scratch space for jobs. 
As the storage is faster and so much bigger than the small local disk I 
would like $TMPDIR to default to /scratch. It will also help with some 
of our MPI applications that need global scratch space.

I know I can set the tmp directory to /scratch but I would also like to 
have the space as a consumable complex that can be requested by the 
users if scratch space is needed. I also would like jobs to be killed if 
they go over the requested amount.

I can set up a complex named scratch and make this consumable but how to 
I make sure that jobs do not go over the requested amount? Or is there 
already a complex that would do this I could use?

Thanks in advance




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