[gridengine users] no memory usage for qlogin jobs

Brendan Moloney moloney at ohsu.edu
Fri Apr 10 20:32:18 UTC 2015

Reuti posted this link yesterday:

https://arc.liv.ac.uk/SGE/htmlman/htmlman5/remote_startup.html section "SSH TIGHT INTEGRATION"

Brendan Moloney
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Yes we use ssh, and I don't know what 'tight integration' means. Could you clue me in or point me somewhere? Thanks.


On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 4:00 PM, Brendan Moloney <moloney at ohsu.edu<mailto:moloney at ohsu.edu>> wrote:
No, that is not normal. I am guessing you use SSH for qlogin and don't have tight integration setup?

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Version OGS/GE 2011.11p1 (Rocks 6.1)


When I run qacct, I don't get any memory info for qlogin jobs, just 0.000. Is this normal? qsub jobs return memory usage information. Thanks for any help.

[mgstauff at chead ~]$ qacct -d 1 -o mgstauff -j
qname        qlogin.q
hostname     compute-0-9.local
group        mgstauff
owner        mgstauff
project      NONE
department   defaultdepartment
jobname      QLOGIN
jobnumber    836367
taskid       undefined
account      sge
priority     0
qsub_time    Fri Apr 10 15:19:00 2015
start_time   Fri Apr 10 15:19:00 2015
end_time     Fri Apr 10 15:25:06 2015
granted_pe   NONE
slots        1
failed       0
exit_status  255
ru_wallclock 366
ru_utime     0.014
ru_stime     0.004
ru_maxrss    3744
ru_ixrss     0
ru_ismrss    0
ru_idrss     0
ru_isrss     0
ru_minflt    1926
ru_majflt    0
ru_nswap     0
ru_inblock   0
ru_oublock   32
ru_msgsnd    0
ru_msgrcv    0
ru_nsignals  0
ru_nvcsw     67
ru_nivcsw    38
cpu          0.018
mem          0.000
io           0.000
iow          0.000
maxvmem      0.000


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