[gridengine users] project quota details

Michael Stauffer mgstauff at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 21:24:46 UTC 2015

OGS/GE 2011.11p1 (Rocks 6.1)


I'm looking to setup project-based quota management. I'm at a university
and different labs will be signing up for different quotas for the users in
their labs.

I understand that I can:

- add users to one or more projects
- assign quotas (slots and memory in my case) to projects that will limit
the total concurrent resource usage by project
- have users choose a particular project when they submit a job (needed for
users who do work for multiple labs)

I'm wondering if I can also set a per-user quota "within" a project quota
that will limit how much of a resource any individual from the project can
use at once. That is, I'd like that limit to be lower than the project's
limit on all project users, so that no one user in a project can use all
the project's resources at once.

Could different per-user quotas be assigned for different users within a
project? e.g. a power user in a project might generally need more slots
than other users.

Any suggestions on strategies for this kind of resource management would be
a great help.


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