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Michael Stauffer mgstauff at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 17:16:22 UTC 2015

Ed, thanks for the reply and offer.

Here's an example of what I want to do (for slot quotas. I figure setup for
h_vmem and s_vmem rqs's will be similar):

project name    # slots aggregate   # slots user   users

-----------------    ---------------             ---------------   --------
lab1                  100                         40
lab2                  80                           15
lan (lan's a power user in lab2)

For now each project will be assigned exclusively to one of two qsub
queues, but that part should be straight forward if you just show me how to
handle the above for one queue. And each will go to the qlogin queue with
different slot limits, but that should be straightforward too if I know how
to do it for qsub queue.

The FE is < 2 years old, has 16 2.2 GHz Xeon cores, and 64GB ram.



On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 9:05 PM, Ed Lauzier <elauzier2 at perlstar.com> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Send some basic examples of what you want to do and I'll fire off a basic
> RQS config
> that will get you going.
> There is a lot to it, esp for project-level fairshare settings....
> Also, remember that if you want decent response, you need a scheduler with
> at least 2 cpus.  Best to have 4 cpus so that decisions can be made faster
> during the scheduling cycle and worker threads can do their thing....
> Also consider looking using the perl JSV for runtime limits enforcements.
> It may be best to get Univa to assist you for a day even over the phone
> if you can justify the expense.  It is well worth it to get the new Univa
> Grid Engine.
> -Ed
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> Hi, Am 13.04.2015 um 23:24 schrieb Michael Stauffer: > OGS/GE 2011.11p1
> (Rocks 6.1) > > Hi, > > I'm looking to setup project-based quota
> management. I'm at a university and different labs will be signing up for
> different quotas for the users in their labs. > > I understand that I can:
> > > - add users to one or more projects > - assign quotas (slots and memory
> in my case) to projects that will limit the total concurrent resource usage
> by project > - have users choose a particular project when they submit a
> job (needed for users who do work for multiple labs) > > I'm wondering if I
> can also set a per-user quota "within" a project quota that will limit how
> much of a resource any individual from the project can use at once. That
> is, I'd like that limit to be lower than the project's limit on all project
> users, so that no one user in a project can use all the project's resources
> at once. > > Could different per-user quotas be assigned for different
> users within a project? e.g. a power user in a project might generally need
> more slots than other users. Yes. You need to phrase these individual
> limits in a second RQS. I.e. one RQS will limit the overall consumption per
> project, the second one will limit the combinations of projects and users
> to varying limits. -- Reuti > > Any suggestions on strategies for this kind
> of resource management would be a great help. > > Thanks > > -M >
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