[gridengine users] Undocumented Feature of load sensors

Jesse Becker beckerje at mail.nih.gov
Thu Apr 16 14:53:04 UTC 2015

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 11:12:28AM +0000, William Hay wrote:
>It appears that you can have load sensors report values for individual hosts other than the one on which it runs.  I've tested this by having a load sensor run on one host report different values for two different hosts and used qhost -F to verify that gridengine reports them.
>The possibility of doing this is implied by the format of load sensor reports but I've never seen it explicitly documented as possible or used elsewhere.
>Being able to use this would simplify certain aspects of the configuration of our production cluster so it would be useful to know if this is intended behavior
>and therefore something I can rely on or an implementation quirk.

It's a useful trick.

It's also a security issue, of a sort.  A specific host could subvert
values for other hosts (intentionally or not).  I realize that an actual
attacker who can alter a load sensor script probably has better things
to do than adjust the tmp_free counters.  However, a bug in the script
could legitamately cause trouble.

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