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> Hello folks,
> Is there a way to have (may be on qmaster) some load graph of the grid ?
> Thanks for you help.
> Jacques

I've got these in a list, haven't tried them yet though:

UBMoD: Collecting Statistical Data of Grid Engine Jobs
The open source UBMoD is a tool for retrieving old job data and doing some
statistics on it.
Their description from http://ubmod.sourceforge.net/:
"UBMoD (UB Metrics on Demand) is an open source tool for collecting and
mining statistical data from cluster resource managers (such as TORQUE,
OpenPBS, and SGE) commonly found in high-performance computing
environments. It has been developed by the Center for Computational
Research at the University at Buffalo, SUNY and presents resource
utilization including CPU cycles consumed, total jobs, average wait time,
etc. for individual users, research groups, departments, and decanal units.
The web-based user interface provides a dashboard for displaying resource
consumption along with fine-grained control over the time period and
resources displayed...."

SunGrid Graphical Accounting Engine
The description from http://rdlab.lsi.upc.edu/index.php/serveis/s-gae.html
"s-gae is a web application designed to display accounting information
generated by Oracle Grid Engine (formerly SunGrid Engine) or its free forks
such as Open Grid Scheduler,  Son of Grid Engine, etc. as well as non free
forks such as  Univa Grid Engine. This gathered data is stored in a
database in order to display eye-candy charts grouped by user, queue or
full cluster. Moreover, you can use several filter options to customize the

Qmem: Grid Engine Memory Usage Statistics
From: https://github.com/txemaheredia/qmem
"Qmem is a script designed to describe the memory usage of a SGE cluster.
If your cluster has memory restrictions, the usage of qstat solely is not
enough to monitor its state properly. Qmem attempts to solve that."

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