[gridengine users] sanity check on usage of "-p" priority value: per-user effect or global across waitlist?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 30 16:21:39 UTC 2015

GE and UGE man pages are not clear about the scope of "-p" priority 
values when a user uses it. It's been a long time since I needed this 
and I wanted to confirm the scope of the behavior ..

Use case:

  - I need to submit 100 personal jobs as "dag" with 10 jobs being 
slightly more important than others
  - I'm not an admin so I can't use priority values higher than 0

What I'd like to do:

  - Submit 90 jobs with "-p -100" since I can't use value higher than zero
  - Submit 10 jobs with "-p -10" to give priority to my 10 special tasks

My question:

  - Does my use of "-p" to send lower-than-zero values for my submitted 
jobs affect just MY jobs and the order in which they get dispatched or 
will I end up penalizing myself globally because all the other jobs from 
other users on the cluster are running with default "-p" values of 0 
assigned to them?


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