[gridengine users] sanity check on usage of "-p" priority value: per-user effect or global across waitlist?

Fritz Ferstl fferstl at univa.com
Thu Apr 30 16:49:31 UTC 2015

Hi Chris,

if memory serves correctly then the so called POSIX priority is one 
range applied to all jobs. So you would be penalizing your jobs.

If you need this more often then you could either ensure that jobs 
always are submitted with a negative priority (say -100) and then 
regular users have a choice to go a bit above or below.

Or you use the functional policy which was more designed for what you 
want to do, I think.

I also thought there might be a config parameter with which you can 
influence behavior but a quick peek didn't prompt anything. So I either 
was confusing this with something else or it is related to the 
functional policy (didn't dig into that).

Hope this helps at least a bit (and I have not overlooked something 
obvious thus confusing you),


Chris Dagdigian schrieb:
> GE and UGE man pages are not clear about the scope of "-p" priority 
> values when a user uses it. It's been a long time since I needed this 
> and I wanted to confirm the scope of the behavior ..
> Use case:
>  - I need to submit 100 personal jobs as "dag" with 10 jobs being 
> slightly more important than others
>  - I'm not an admin so I can't use priority values higher than 0
> What I'd like to do:
>  - Submit 90 jobs with "-p -100" since I can't use value higher than zero
>  - Submit 10 jobs with "-p -10" to give priority to my 10 special tasks
> My question:
>  - Does my use of "-p" to send lower-than-zero values for my submitted 
> jobs affect just MY jobs and the order in which they get dispatched or 
> will I end up penalizing myself globally because all the other jobs 
> from other users on the cluster are running with default "-p" values 
> of 0 assigned to them?
> -dag
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