[gridengine users] sanity check on usage of "-p" priority value: per-user effect or global across waitlist?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 30 16:58:26 UTC 2015

Yep I think we are going to try this and monitor it. Gut feeling is that 
the fairshare by user policy has so much more impact/weight on the 
global job waitlist that if we just have a single user doing stuff with 
"-p -10" and "-p -1"  to distinguish between her own jobs it might 
actually do close to what we want without taking too much of a global hit

Thanks all!


Fritz Ferstl wrote:
> Nah, the weight_priority won't help. It just determines how much 
> influence the -p has vs things like job wait time or urgency. If you 
> have none of those then all being equal it would have the same effect 
> as if you left it untouched. And if you have influence from waiting 
> time or urgency or others then setting the prio weight low would make 
> it just totally insignificant.

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