[gridengine users] Tight integration problem with mvapich2 2.0

Götz Waschk goetz.waschk at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 14:20:08 UTC 2015

Dear Gridengine experts,

has anybody of you noticed a changed behaviour in mvapich2 2.0? I have
upgraded from RHEL6.5 to 6.6, this has updated mvapich2 from 1.8 to 2.0rc1.
With 1.8, the gridengine integration was working fine, but now, not all
processes are killed on job deletion. All mpi processes that are on the
slave nodes (that is the node not running the job script and the mpiexec
command) continue to run after a qdel.

Does anybody have an idea to fix this or a workaround?

Regards, Götz
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