[gridengine users] control_slaves on PE

Roberto Nunnari roberto.nunnari at supsi.ch
Wed Jan 14 09:09:05 UTC 2015


man sge_pe states:

   This parameter can be set to TRUE or FALSE (the default). It 
indicates whether Oracle Grid Engine is the creator of the slave tasks 
of a parallel  application  via  sge_execd(8)  and  sge_shepherd(8) and 
thus has full control over all processes in a parallel application, 
which enables capabilities such as resource limitation and correct 
accounting. However, to gain control over the slave tasks of a parallel 
  application,  a sophisticated  PE  interface  is  required, which 
works closely together with Oracle Grid Engine facilities. Such PE 
interfaces are available through your local Oracle Grid Engine support 

Does that mean that you need to buy some software from Oracle in order 
to take advantage of 'control_slaves TRUE' ?

In my production environment, I have four PEs and two are set as 
'control_slaves FALSE' and two 'control_slaves TRUE'.. and as long as I 
know, all of them behave as expected.. that has been like that for about 
9 years, since I inherited the SGE cluster..

Can anybody cast some light on it, please?

my present environment:
- OGE 6.2u7
- on the execution nodes: openmpi 1.5.4
- on the master node: openmpi 1.4

Thank you and best regards.

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