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William Hay w.hay at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 14 10:15:53 UTC 2015

On Wed, 14 Jan 2015 09:09:05 +0000
Roberto Nunnari <roberto.nunnari at supsi.ch> wrote:

> Hi.
> man sge_pe states:
> accounting. However, to gain control over the slave tasks of a parallel 
>   application,  a sophisticated  PE  interface  is  required, which 
> works closely together with Oracle Grid Engine facilities. Such PE 
> interfaces are available through your local Oracle Grid Engine support 
> office.
> Does that mean that you need to buy some software from Oracle in order 
> to take advantage of 'control_slaves TRUE' ?
No.  Many modern MPI implementations can be compiled with support for Grid Engine providing the sophisticated
PE interface referred to.  There are also HOWTOs floating around on the web for integrating various older parallel libraries
with Grid Engine.  Most boil down to ways of getting the parallel code to launch slave processes via qrsh -inherit.   It is possible 
that Oracle had some integrations for libraries for which there isn't a working public HOWTO but in any case they've now handed over 
responsibility for support to Univa.  IIRC Univa bundle a bunch of parallel library integrations with their Univa Grid Engine product.


William Hay <w.hay at ucl.ac.uk>
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