[gridengine users] SGE supports heterogeneous network?

Sangmin Park dorimosiada at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 01:15:16 UTC 2015


We have three HPC systems called A, B, and C and these could be accessible
through the login node. SGE is installed login node.
A and B HPC systems are consist of master node and computing nodes
respectively and connected gigabit ethernet between them. But, C HPC system
has ideal configuration, not ethernet. It's wired infiniband network.

Each HPC system has two kinds of network, one for management using gigabit
network, another for computing using gagiabit for A, B system and
infiniband for C system.
SGE uses management network.

Problems arise in C HPC system. SGE uses management network.
So, when a user submits a job using sge, it could be use gigabit network,
not infiniband network.
To use infiniband network, sge has to work with infiniband network in all

Does SGE work in heterogeneous network systems well?

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