[gridengine users] Error: job is not allowed to run in any queue

John Lilley johnbot at syntaxerror.io
Tue Jul 28 00:48:17 UTC 2015


I’m use SGE on a public cloud and ran into a non-showstopping error while submitting jobs. Specifically, this error occurs while submitting jobs when no ec2 compute instances are running. (They autoscale when jobs are submitted). I do realize SGE wasn’t developed from the ground up to run in diverse and scalable cloud environments but was hoping there was a simple parameter to avoid this message.

I should add that the jobs do complete fine but it would be better if submitting jobs didn’t trigger the error.

[user at ip-172-50-32-1 ~]$ qsub sleep.sub
Unable to run job: warning: users's job is not allowed to run in any queue
Your job 51 (“user-sleep") has been submitted

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