[gridengine users] Filling up nodes when using gepetools

Winkler, Ursula (ursula.winkler@uni-graz.at) ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at
Thu Jul 30 06:12:52 UTC 2015

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>> Am 29.07.2015 um 12:50 schrieb Winkler, Ursula (ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at) <ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at>:
>>>> Node1 has 12 Cores/Slots and 1 MPI-Job with 2 Slots is running on it.
>>>> A user submits job2 which require maximal 10 slots.
>>>> Independently from schedule_interval, job_load_adjustments, 
>>>> load_formula and/or load_adjustment_decay_time parameters-settings
>>>> job2 usually won't start on Node1 if
>>> What about queue_sort_method?
>> Doesn't work neither.

> As long as the requested PE has $pe_slots as allocation_rule, it should be possible to use a "fill up" configuration:

> https://blogs.oracle.com/sgrell/entry/grid_engine_scheduler_hacks_least

Thank you for the link, that with $pe_slots I didn't know. But unfortunately it still doesn't work  - maybe because of the gepetools "Sub-"PE's.
Setting there "$pe_slots" too has the effect that jobs doesn't start anymore. 


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