[gridengine users] Filling up nodes when using gepetools

Winkler, Ursula (ursula.winkler@uni-graz.at) ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at
Thu Jul 30 08:25:05 UTC 2015

> $pe_slots restricts you to a single node so I'm guessing the jobs that don't start are jobs that need more than one node.  

Yes, that should be right. 

> While we don't use gepetools we do have a JSV that rewrites people's requested PE based on the number
> What you need I think is something that routes jobs that request 1 node to PEs with a $pe_slots allocation rule while other jobs are routed to nodes with an allocation rule equal to the requested ppn.  In all cases the number of slots to request should be nodes*ppn.

The problem is that single-node jobs which require just smaller parts of the available slots (e.g. 2) are always started on completely free nodes instead of starting on already busy nodes which have the requested resources too. Jobs which order more than 1 node but also few cores/node are typically requiring more than the default of other resources (e.g. memory) so they are not the problem.
And apart from the 1-node-few-slots trouble the scheduling works pretty satisfying.


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