[gridengine users] Monitoring slot usage

MacMullan, Hugh hughmac at wharton.upenn.edu
Thu Jul 30 15:20:21 UTC 2015

Hi Simon:

We use 'Core Binding' to restrict users to the same number of cores as slots requested.


We use a jsv to assign the binding value (force compliance) based on the other job inputs: single slot and MPI jobs are bound to 1 core (for each slot requested), OpenMP jobs are bound to the number of slots requested in the pe option.

Or you might be able to just put '-binding linear:1' in $SGE_ROOT/default/common/sge_request, and then have users specify '-binding linear:#' if they're doing a SMP job.

Test carefully! :)


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What is the recommended way of identifying jobs which are consuming more CPU than they've requested?  I have an environment set up where people mostly submit SMP jobs through a parallel environment and we can use this information to schedule them appropriately.  We've had several cases though where the jobs have used significantly more cores on the machine they're assigned to than they requested, so the nodes become overloaded and go into an alarm state.

What options do I have for monitoring the number of cores simultaneously used by a job and comparing this to the number which were requested so I can find cases where the actual usage is way above the request and kill them?


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