[gridengine users] Filling up nodes when using gepetools

William Hay w.hay at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 31 07:38:50 UTC 2015

On Thu, 30 Jul 2015 12:57:13 +0000
"Winkler, Ursula (ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at)"
<ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at> wrote:

> > My suggestion was to modify your jsv/gepetools to force single node
> > parallel jobs into PEs with $pe_slots allocation rules (which gives
> > you control over where they are scheduled via queue_sort_method and
> > load_formula) while sending the others to PEs with other
> > (appropriate) 
> >allocation rules that won't cause (ii).
> Well, I created an additional PE with alloacation_rule "$pe_slots",
> and built in an if condition in "pe.jsv" for all jobs which request
> just a single node to be assigned to this new PE. But the annoying
> situation didn't change. The scheduler configuration is set to
> "queue_sort_method    load" and "load_formula  slots". So what I'm
> still missing?
What happens with serial jobs (ie no PE at all)?  If they exhibit the
same behavior then we just need to figure out how to tweak the scheduler
config to fill up nodes.  If serial jobs are already clumping onto a
few nodes then the claim that $pe_slots behaves like serial on the
oracle blog that Reuti pointed to may not be an accurate description of
your version of grid engine.
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