[gridengine users] Filling up nodes when using gepetools

Winkler, Ursula (ursula.winkler@uni-graz.at) ursula.winkler at uni-graz.at
Fri Jul 31 08:35:11 UTC 2015

> Have you got slots defined per host or just per queue?
> It may need to be defined at a host level via complex_values
> in order to work.


# qconf -sc | grep "#name\|slots"
#name               shortcut   type        relop   requestable consumable default  urgency 
occupied_slots      o_slots    INT         <=      YES         YES        1        0
slots               s          INT         <=      YES         YES        1        1000

# qconf -se f20    
hostname              f20
load_scaling          NONE
complex_values        occupied_slots=12,slots=12,num_proc=12,h_vmem=45.01G, \

# qconf -sq mpi
   slots              1,[f01=12],[f02=12],[f38=12],[f03=12],[f04=12],[f05=12], \
                      [f06=12],[f07=12],[f08=12],[f09=12],[f10=12],[f11=12], \
                      [f12=12],[f13=12],[f14=12],[f15=12],[f16=12],[f17=12], \
                      [f18=12],[f19=12],[f20=12],[f21=12],[f22=12],[f23=12], \
                      [f25=12],[f26=12],[f27=12],[f28=12],[f29=12],[f30=12], \
                      [f31=12],[f32=12],[f33=12],[f34=12],[f35=12],[f36=12], \

Maybe "occupied_slots" is the key???

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