[gridengine users] Issue with reporting variables on SoGE 8.1.8 - variables and their values dissapear after some time

William Hay w.hay at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Mar 24 12:08:00 UTC 2015

On Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:26:04 +0000
Yuri Burmachenko <yuribu at mellanox.com> wrote:

> Hallo to distinguished forum members,
> I hope you can assist me.
> We are in process of transition to SoGE 8.1.8 from SGE GE 6.1u6.
> We experience strange issues with reporting variables.
> For example we have a reporting variable called mt_os_type which returns OS type.
> Output example 1: centos6
> Output example 1: centos5
> #name                  shortcut               type        relop requestable consumable default  urgency
> #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> mt_os_type             mt_os_type             STRING      ==    YES         NO         NONE     0
> qconf -se global | grep -i mt_os_typeL
>                       mt_syslog_bytes,mt_yp_query_ms,mt_os_type
> It works OK on SGE GE 6.1.u6, while on SoGE 8.1.8 it behaves inconsistently: it appears and after some time the variable and its value disappears from attributes on execution hosts.
> qconf –se <some_host> | /bin/grep –i <some_host>:
> mt_os_type=centos5
> And after a minute:
> qconf –se <some_host> | /bin/grep –i <some_host>:
> No variable and no value…
> Some additional information:
> Report time is (qconf –sconf):
> load_report_time             00:00:40
> Within load_sensors.sh script we use several types of sensors: the ones which are invoked every 40 sec and other that invoked every 2 and 5 minutes, see below:

This looks like working as designed to me.  A load sensor value hasn't been reported for multiples of the load_report_time so it is now unknown.  If
this didn't happen a problem that broke the load sensor wouldn't be detected.
If you are trying to avoid running load sensors more than necessary I would suggest caching the results of the infrequently run sensors and reporting 
the cached values every time.  You can save the output of the infrequent sensors to a file and then  cat it back every time the load_sensors.sh script is prompted for values.

William Hay <w.hay at ucl.ac.uk>
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