[gridengine users] "Distribution" of processes to nodes

Christian Schmidt Christian.Schmidt at chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Mar 20 15:18:26 UTC 2015

Hello grindengine-users,

we're running SGE on a small cluster consisting of nodes offering 16 
slots each.

one of our cluster users asked us to change the cluster configuration in 
this way:

"Even when a job requests an integer multiple of 16 processes, these 
tasks are distributed across many nodes with a range of tasks/node from 
16 to 1; obviously the total performance is reduced to that of the 
slowest task, which is that of the isolated process for which all 
communication goes over the infiniband.  The difference in performance 
is serious.

Please can you reconfigure the queue to assign tasks to nodes such that 
large parallel jobs will not be split up to fill in all small spaces on 
the queue, but rather will be run on the minimum number of complete nodes?"

We are not sure how to achieve this. Could you please give a any hint?

TI & Kind Regards,

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