[gridengine users] Consumable configuration best practices question for hundreds of resources for specific group of nodes

Yuri Burmachenko yuribu at mellanox.com
Thu Mar 26 15:33:06 UTC 2015


thank you for your reply,

These 4x nodes are connected to some kind of hardware that has 300 cells each can be in use or free.

We thought that there should be 300 different (varieties) resource consumables in SGE for this GROUP of hosts each can be in use or free (in total 1 unit per resource consumable in total for this particular group of hosts).
Each user will be able to submit a job which can consume multiple resource consumables of different type.

For example this group of hosts will have the following consumable resources: 1 res1 1 res2, 1 res3 ... 1 res300.

Any tips on the implementation, will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

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