[gridengine users] mem_free settings

Gowtham g at mtu.edu
Tue Mar 31 13:22:34 UTC 2015

It is computed by the user and a literal value goes into that line.

The script as received by the GE has 

  -hard -l mem_free=96.00G

a mistake on the user's part. I will work on educating them.

Thank you all for much (and quick) help.

Best regards,

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On Tue, 31 Mar 2015, William Hay wrote:

| On Tue, 31 Mar 2015 12:50:54 +0000
| Gowtham <g at mtu.edu> wrote:
| > 
| > It's just a notational convention. Math is done before it gets to that line. For example, a 2 processor job would have
| > 
| >   #$ -hard -l mem_free=1.00000G
| The phrase 'before that line' is a tad suspicious.  It could be read to imply that you are trying to calculate the value to
| put there within the submission script itself which won't work either.  You need the 1.000G (or whatever) to be there literally 
| when you feed the script to qsub.  If you do want to do maths to calculate the values for various requests I would suggest using
| a JSV rather than trying to manipulate the contents of the script.
| You should be able to find the script as grid engine received it in ${SGE_ROOT}/${SGE_CELL:-default}/spool/job_scripts
| What value do you find in there?  
| > 
| > I am assuming this means 1G of mem_free per processor.
| Provided consumable is set to yes rather than job or no.
| -- 
| William Hay <w.hay at ucl.ac.uk>

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