[gridengine users] Setting CPU priority by CPU speed?

Bob Craycroft Bob_Craycroft at AndromedaAnalog.com
Wed Oct 14 20:58:39 UTC 2015

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Hi Peter:

I implemented the following approach for my customers and it works 
well.  The specifics can vary a bit depending on your particular 
situation, but here's what I do:

1.  Create a new DOUBLE complex value called "slowness".

2.  Assign a value of slowness to each host as a host resource 
attribute.  The fastest set of hosts get a value of 0.  The next fastest 
set of hosts get a value of 1, and so on.

3.  Use slowness in the load formula so that hosts with greater 
"slowness" have a higher load and are thus filled after faster hosts.  
The exact load formula depends on other components of the load formula.  
For example, if generic, non-speed-sensitive load formula is "cpu", then 
a good speed-sensitive load formula is "cpu+100*slowness".  In this 
case, "cpu" varies from 0 to 100, so the factor of 100 ensures that we 
fill all slots of the fastest available speed class before we move on to 
the next slower speed class.


On 10/14/2015 3:21 PM, Peter van Heusden wrote:
> Hi there
> I have a heterogeneous cluster with several generations (spanning 
> about 5 years) of CPU deployed. I'd like to have SGE (6.2u5) choose 
> fill up faster CPUs before using the slower CPUs.
> How can I configure the cluster to do this?
> Thanks!
> Peter
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