[gridengine users] T.G.I.F.: qtop.py/0.8.8 is out; it has been running fine for some SGE setups

Fotis Georgatos kefalonia at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 14:43:12 UTC 2016

here is qtop, SGE is one of the 3 platforms against which, it is travis-CI
checked. Hope you find it useful.


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From: Fotis Georgatos <gef at ceid.upatras.gr>
Date: 26 February 2016 at 03:14
Subject: T.G.I.F.: qtop.py/0.8.8, LHC batteries included
To: LHC Computer Grid - Rollout <LCG-ROLLOUT at jiscmail.ac.uk>

Hello all,

**qtop (pronounced queue-top) is a tool written in order to summarize the
state of Queueing Systems**

In case you wish to inspect dynamically the state of your cluster in a
manner similar to this:
we highly recommend to benefit from the following, there was a release a
few minutes earlier:

Severals Pull Requests, 100s of commits and who knows how many contributed
lines later,
this release should be far more compatible with most people's *pbs*
platforms (& some others)
and will help to finally know what to yell about, if you still do your
scheduling with maui :-P

You should be able to catch plenty of bugs, which are invisible with other
more aggregating tools;
this is why this tool was written in the first place (it was born for and
within LHC clusters
and supports intelligent coloring logic which helps to inspect allocation
policy on-the-fly).

Many bug fixes have been handled. Best of all,
huge code refactoring should permit now more contributors to give and take
to the effort.
An anonymization feature should help to supply bug reports easily, if on
regulated clusters!


ps. Kindly permit on this list approximately 1 release notice every 3-6

This is effectively about the new python version of the historic qtop,
originally written in bash:

echo "sysadmin know better bash than english"|sed s/min/mins/ \
  | sed 's/better bash/bash better/' # signal detected in a CERN forum
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