[gridengine users] How to set the location of checkpoint files per user?

nico.faerber at id.unibe.ch nico.faerber at id.unibe.ch
Fri Jan 8 15:51:46 UTC 2016

Reuti, thank you for your support. I think I will leave it entirely up to
the user to provide a location for the checkpointing files within his home
directory, and use the transparent interface only to provide a signal to
initiate the checkpoint generation. Certainly, one drawback with this
approach is that SGE_CKPT_DIR will point to a location outside the user¹s
home directory where the user has no write permission. This renders the
provided env variable useless, and may only confuse the user.

Best regards,

On 08.01.16 16:07, "Reuti" <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de> wrote:

>> Am 08.01.2016 um 15:38 schrieb Reuti <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de>:
>> Hi,
>>> Am 08.01.2016 um 14:51 schrieb nico.faerber at id.unibe.ch:
>>> Dear all
>>> We are using OGS/GE 2011.11. I¹m evaluating the built in checkpointing
>>>support. I would like to store checkpoints in the job owner¹s home
>>>directory. Setting ckpt_dir (in the configuration of the checkpointing
>>>environment, transparent interface) to a path containing a variable
>>>(e.g. $HOME/checkpointing)  seems not possible, right? Each user has
>>>therefore to provide the location of the checkpoint files from within
>>>the job, and the env var $SGE_CKPT_DIR is useless in this case. Is that
>>>true, or do I miss something?
>> AFAICS ckpt_dir is just a central place to define a string there. Hence
>>it could still be set to $HOME/checkpoint and works for all users as
>>long as the variable is expanded in their scripts.
>> All checkpoint processes are executed under the particular user account
>>and so the access to it should be possible.
>> In case you prefer a canonical name, it might indeed be necessary to
>>evaluate inside the jobscript and all the used checkpointing scripts
>>something like:
>> CKPT_DIR=$(readlink -f $SGE_CKPT_DIR)*
>Well, I tested the stuff initially with ${!SGE_CKPT_DIR}. But it only
>works for a plain HOME setting in ckpt_dir of course - what I missed.
>Sorry for the confusion. Unless you dare to use `eval` to the statement
>above (or use two statements to look to $HOME first) I think there is no
>generic way.
>-- Reuti
>> Sure, the plain definition could be placed in each script, but this way
>>it's necessary to change it only in the checkpointing definition in case
>>you want to move it to a different location.
>> -- Reuti
>> *) This could be placed in a starter_method too.

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