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Nacheva, Eva eva.nacheva at kcl.ac.uk
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Dear Reuti,

In more detail, we are trying to use the prolog and epilog to gather information about each job and send this information to a database which is connected to a web server for easier visualisation. The whole idea of the project is to be able to run large data sets via pipeline and get information about the progress of the job. The information we need from the prolog and epilog is as follows:

- in prolog - the name of the job, the start date and time, on which node, etc. Just basic information about the job

- in epilog - if the job is successfully finished or has failed and if failed, on which step; how much memory and CPU were used by the job, what is the end date and time and how long did the job took to be finished.

However, as we are not admin of the cluster, this information has to be extracted without modifying the queue. Also, we cannot create a new queue for us only. Moreover, as we are currently using dependencies between the jobs to run the large data sets, we want to avoid adding new dependencies between every job.

We want a specific prolog/epilog for a sub set of job running a queue which is already defined by the admin.

Thank you very much in advance.


Eva Nacheva

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Am 04.07.2016 um 00:43 schrieb Nacheva, Eva:

> I would like to ask if there is a prolog and epilog option associated with a job in sge. I read some information from 2008 that stated this option is associated with a queue only and not a single job but this is going to change for future releases. However, as this information was written in 2008, I have been wondering if this has already been changed and updated.

Without further knowledge what you refer to with "associated" I can only give a vague answer: both is true.

- A prolog/epilog is attached to a queue (or on a global level in SGE's configuration).

- This prolog/epilog will be executed before resp. after each individual job.

What behavior do you expect in detail and what behavior do you think is implemented right now? Do you want to specify a different prolog/epilog for each job during submission time?

-- Reuti
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