[gridengine users] a way to selectively run queued jobs?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Nov 3 17:06:06 UTC 2016

> […]
> Thanks Reuti. This is basically what I've been doing, except that I right out the rqs's to a file that I load using qconf. The issue is that temporarily changing individual quotas will be much more complicated now. 
> I've had an idea though: I could create a project that's just for temporary quota increases. It could be one for each user or just a single one and change the ACL for it. But in either case, the project and/or ACL would be modified or created on the fly as needed along with rqs's for slots and memory, and then I could use qalter on desired queued jobs to redirect them to this project so the'll run. Does that sound reasonable?

Yes, this sounds good. The temporary project can always stay in the RQS as first rule, as usually there are no jobs which would be matched by it. And unless it's in use, you could set it to 0 slots so that no user can take advantage of it by specifying the project on its own. Do you need the accounting per project? AFAICS this can't be changed back once the job started.

-- Reuti

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