[gridengine users] Abaqus job suspension & Olesen FlexLM integration

Goes, Patrick patrick.goes at arcelormittal.com
Tue Nov 22 08:52:13 UTC 2016


To optimize the utilization of our pool of Abaqus licenses, I want to implement some form of preemptive scheduling, where urgent jobs can force suspension of less urgent ones.
I have used Marc Olesen's qlicserver (run as a load sensor) to account for external uses of licenses, which works fine.
I have created a Abaqus-dedicated queue with suspend, resume and terminate methods for suspending, etc...
The abaqus jobs that run on execution hosts are suspended all right, and the licenses are released correctly as far as the FlexLM license server is concerned, but for SGE they are *not* released, and consequently, no new jobs that need them are executed.
Since qlicserver compares the license use reported by the FlexLM server with that of SGE to determine the external (non-SGE) uses, and adjusts (reduces) the SGE complex accordingly, it seems possible to do something similar for suspended jobs: they are reported by qstat but not by FlexLM. Their license use count could be used to increase the SGE complex as long as they are suspended.
As far as I know, this would require an extension of the qlicserver. Or am I missing existing possibilities?
Are any of you aware of similar efforts in that direction ? Or alternative solutions ?

Thank you, best regards,

Patrick L. Goes

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