[gridengine users] Having trouble installing SGE on a new execution host

Mun Johl mun at apeirondata.com
Sun Jan 1 23:05:17 UTC 2017


Someone had installed SGE on our servers over a year ago (that person is
now gone).  However, we now need to install SGE on a new execution host so
I downloaded the ge2011.11.tar tar-ball.  After setting up the SGE_ROOT
var, etc. I ran 'install_execd'.  When I was queried about the Grid Engine
cell, I selected [default] and the following error was displayed:

   Obviously there was no qmaster installation yet!
   Call >install_qmaster<
   on the machine which shall run the Grid Engine qmaster

However, our qmaster _is_ installed and running.

I noticed the ge2011.11.tar tar-ball did not include a 'default' directory,
which it seems the installation script is trying to access.  There was
nothing in the instructions that I found indicating I am to setup that
directory ahead of time.  I had assumed the installation process would
setup that directory.

How can I properly setup the 'default' directory so that I can correctly
install the execution host?

Thanks and best regards,

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