[gridengine users] I'm getting an "Unable to initialize env" error; but our simultaneous ECs should be small

Mun Johl mun at apeirondata.com
Wed Nov 22 17:53:17 UTC 2017


Periodically I am seeing the following error:

Unable to initialize environment because of error: cannot register event
client. Only 100 event clients are allowed in the system

The error first showed up a few days ago but stated "950 event clients are
allowed".  Because MAX_DYN_EC was not set in my config, I equated it to 100.

However, our sim ring is fairly small at this point and we shouldn't be
getting anywhere near 100 outstanding qsub's (let alone 950).  Therefore,
I'm wondering what other factors could result in this error?

For example, could a slow network or slow grid master result in this error?

Any suggestions on how I can get to root cause would be most appreciated.


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