[gridengine users] Installing SOGE execd

Simon Matthews simon.d.matthews at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 21:52:50 UTC 2017

Running "inst_sge -x" or "install_execd",  I get a failure like this:

Checking hostname resolving

Cannot contact qmaster. The command failed:

   ./bin/lx-amd64/qconf -sh

The error message was:

   critical error: Please set the environment variable SGE_ROOT.

You can fix the problem now or abort the installation  procedure.
The problem could be:

   - the qmaster is not running
   - the qmaster host is down
   - an active firewall blocks your request

Contact qmaster again (y/n) ('n' will abort) [y] >>

Yet, if I run the command:
   ./bin/lx-amd64/qconf -sh

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