[gridengine users] load scaling

William Hay w.hay at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 07:54:02 UTC 2017

On Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 06:28:43PM +0900, Ueki Hikonuki wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to understand load scaling. But it is still unclear for me.
> Let's assume two hosts.
> hostA very fast machine
> hostB regular speed machine
> Even though np_load_avg of hostA is much higher than hostB,
> a job still runs faster on hostA. But in this case gridengine usually
> submits the job to hostB because its np_load_avg is lower.
> I want to tune this environment by changing load scaling.
> But I don't know how.
There probably isn't a built in "load sensor" that directly reflects what you want.  You could:
1)Write your own load sensor that reflects your notion of which node is more preferable then use that for the load_formula.
2)Change the queue_sort_method to seqno and give the queues on hostA a lower sequence number.  You could add a 
np_load_avg based load_threshold that will stop jobs being assigned to a host if it is overloaded.  

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